Create the ultimate Gin&Tonic

It’s a new Gin & Tonic world. With the help of experts, Schweppes crafted four exceptional tonics. Each one was made with a special purpose, to enhance the aroma of a particular type of gin. Be surprised with Schweppes Premium Mixers.


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Discover the world of Premium Mixers

When it comes to tonics, you deserve something special. Expand your Gin & Tonic repertoire with Schweppes Premium Mixers. Each tonic has long lasting bubbles, contains quinine and is made using ingredients from natural origin.

Discover our Premium Mixers

Find the right tonic

Creating a great Gin & Tonic starts with finding the right combination. Gin Pairing helps you find the perfect tonic for your favourite types of gin. Make your next Gin & Tonic come to life with one of our many recipes.

Find great gin recipes

Serving Gin&Tonic is an art

A Gin & Tonic is not just a mixed drink. It’s almost like art. Don’t create the Gin & Tonic of yesterday when you can create the Gin & Tonic of tomorrow. Perfect your next Gin & Tonic with these helpful tips.

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Schweppes - Two centuries of
refined refreshing drinks

Johan Jacob Schweppe invents soda water

For ten years, a watchmaker and amateur scientist named Johan Jacob Schweppe worked on a process to manufacture carbonated water. In 1783, he invented a machine that produced Schweppes Soda Water, the world’s first carbonated drink. His invention would quench the thirsts of millions.

The egg bottle

To retain the precious gas in the carbonated water a new, stronger bottle was developed with a very special oval design. The bottle was kept on its side, so keeping the cork saturated and expanded to retain the bubbles longer. Because of it’s inability to stand up on it’s own, it became known as the drunken bottle.

Tonic as a cure for malaria

To protect themselves from malaria, British colonists in India were advised to drink quinine.
To get rid of the bitter taste they mixed it with sugar, orange peel and water. In 1871, Schweppe took
that idea further and marketed Schweppes Indian Tonic – the first carbonated tonic.

Jenever and William Of Orange

A Dutch physician invented an alcoholic beverage based on juniper berries.
It was called jevener and became wildly popular when William of Orange occupied the English throne.
A new beverage called gin was created with a slightly different recipe.

The Gin & Tonic and the Union Jack

It was just a matter of time before the British starting mixing gin with their favourite tonics.
The bitter aromas of tonic were the perfect match for the aromatic character of gin.
Thus, the Gin & Tonic was born. Soon country clubs in the US started serving this classic British drink.

The Spanish Gin & Tonic boom

In the early 2000s, the Gin & Tonic became extremely popular in Spain. Carefully poured in an
iced copa with the right garnish as a finishing touch, the Gin & Tonic reached new heights.

It became a beautiful complex drink combining sweets, sours and bitters. Instead of offering justone Gin & Tonic, Spanish bars developed entire menus devoted to the Gin & Tonic.

Schweppes introduces the future

To enhance the characteristics of different types of gin, Schweppes worked closely with mixologists
to create four Premium Mixers. Each mixer was created for a different type of gin.

Create something exquisite and surprising.