Interview with the Belgian Brand Ambassador: Massimo Verhaeghe


Meet Massimo Verhaeghe, our charismatic Belgian brand ambassador. After studying Economics he decided to dive into the world of cocktails and learn about this form of art by the best shakers in Belgium. Most of all, he enjoys blending the perfect recipe for each and every taste. Want to know more about this passionate Gin and Tonic connaisseur? Read the small interview below!

1 Why Gin & Tonics?

Gin and Tonic is so pure and versatile it is a perfect start for great combinations. It is an art to combine the two to create a perfect balance. You can make every blend as simple or complex as you like.

2 What’s your favorite Premium Mixer, and why?

I like the Premium Mixer Original, as it is the embodiment of pure neutrality. It has a hint of citrus and is of consistent quality. Also the long-lasting bubble, giving the drink a longer-lasting taste, makes it a pleasure to work with.

3 Which bar should people definitely visit when visiting Antwerp?

You should not miss out on Josephine’s. They are very qualitative and experts in mixing gin and tonics. They are pure mixologists. Also check out Dogma and Cocktails at Nine.

4 Which Gin deserves more attention?

I absolutely love Tanqueray Ten and Haswell. Both are very well balanced. Tanqueray Ten with citric tones and Haswell with pink grapefruit tones.

5 What’s your favorite garnish?

All citric related garnishes are my favorite. I like them because they are great for balancing the gin and tonic.

6 What’s your favorite Gin & Tonic recipe?

I don’t have one specific favorite. My advice is to keep it simple and clean. The pureness should always be put forward.

7 What’s your favorite Gin and Tonic for the upcoming Spring season?

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin mixed with Premium Mixer Original Tonic and a slice of lime. The citric tones are in perfect balance, creating an abiding taste. Overall a deliciously fresh Gin and Tonic.